The story of the London Metropolitan Network

This site gathers together the details and history of the London Metropolitan Network Limited (LMN), following its closure in 2020 after 20 years and one month of operation supporting education in London.

The site includes a selection of blogs from the old LMN site.

LMN has closed down

Following from a decision at its 2019 AGM, LMN transferred its activities to the UCISA London Group.

You can see details of the group at

Dissolution of LMN

The company has been dissolved. You can see details at the following URL:

What was LMN?

LMN worked with the education community in London to encourage and support the effective exploitation of the network and other information technologies for the benefit of students, teachers and researchers. To obtain optimum performance and best value for the community, LMN provided training, professional development and peer exchange programmes. LMN spoke up for its members when their voices needed to be heard and engaged with suppliers of services and technologies to ensure that the necessary monitoring, communication, training, events and support were readily available and widely communicated.

History of LMN

The London Metropolitan Network was set up in 1997 to run the high-speed data backbone and connections to individual higher education institutions in London, and to connect this MAN to the UK-wide university network called JANET.  A few years later the scope expanded to include connectivity to all further education institutions in London. LMN became a Company Limited by Guarantee, owned by its members, in January 2000.

In 2008 JANET (now Jisc) took over responsibility for most UK regional networks.  LMN’s running of the London region data network transitioned to JANET in 2010/11.

Closure of LMN

In 2019, LMN Members voted to transfer its activities to the UCISA London Group.