In October 2013, LMN commissioned a gap analysis from industry experts Curtis + Cartwright Consulting Ltd to help us understand from our members what services they would find useful and what gaps there were in the provision of such services. The information will be used to establish the scope of the future role of LMN.

An online survey was sent out to members, and we got 34 useful responses back, 25 from HE, five from FE and the rest from HE/FE colleges.

Two-thirds of respondents believe there is space for a redefined LMN, taking on the key role of representing the community with JANET and other industry groups, as well as offering training and networking opportunities and support on joint procurement and shared services.

While these roles/services are not London-specific, they are made easier by the close physical proximity of the participants.

The overall message from the research is that there is a need for LMN and the goodwill in the HE/FE IT community to support a reinvigorated organisation that lobbies on members’ behalf, offers relevant training and opportunities for networking and supports institutions in their quest to offer shared services – and that members would be prepared to pay for this support.