Benefits of the UCISA London Group

The LMN-sponsored UCISA London Group will extend the benefits of UCISA membership to all LMN Members who actively choose to join. A Steering Group will oversee the operations of the new Group to ensure it has a good programme of activities and delivers resources valued by the London Group Members.

If you are uncertain whether you are in the new UCISA London Group (most London HE members of LMN are, but many FE and SFC members will need to join), please ensure your institutional membership information is up to date by using the form at

Membership Application or Update


The UCISA London Group will have meetings and events in London at least five times per year in addition to the LMN Annual Meeting. This will provide opportunities for members and their staff that they might otherwise have to travel outside London for (not always easy). Events will provide keynote talks, seminars and networking opportunities on a range of topics that Members have indicated an interest in.

Where demand exists, we will also repeat some training events in London to facilitate access whilst reducing travel and accommodation costs.

Benefits of UCISA membership

Running the network

UCISA has created a set of model regulations for the use of institutional IT facilities and systems, which can be reused and adapted. Recently some additional text has been added for Prevent

UCISA has also published a Toolkit on secure network management

Information security

There are several important resources to which UCISA would like to draw your attention. The first is an online information security training course, which will be free to you upon joining the LMN UCISA group

Many UCISA members have used it “off the shelf”, finding that they do not need to customise it further.

UCISA has also created a Toolkit to help information security professionals to put in place an information security management system (ISMS) in their organisation. The Toolkit also addresses how to convey the importance of information security to your institution.

(Hard copies of this document will also be sent to all LMN UCISA members).

In the coming months UCISA will be gathering resources to help people prepare for GDPR implementation

Explaining IT to the Senior Management Team

It is often useful to have a simple document to introduce topics such as cloud computing

or to have a ready overview of which business systems are in use across the sector (including VLEs, student records and finance systems)

and to be able to describe how other institutions manage out of hours support

Further information

There is plenty of content on the UCISA site, and UCISA colleagues are looking at how this might be curated for an FE audience. In the meantime they would like to point you toward a the publications library

which includes case studies on wifi provision and ITIL implementation. The Google search function on UCISA home page can be used to search event presentations and blog posts by topic

UCISA also has variety of mailing lists, including ones on networking and information security (which will supplement the UCISA London mailing list that will be created once the UCISA London Group is formally formed).

Meetings and conferences

The current Fora, which many of you attend and value, will continue as part of the LMN UCISA agreement, with potential for some additional activities, as agreed by the LMN Board. Furthermore, although naturally our focus is on London- based meetings, UCISA LMN members can attend UCISA events such as the Cyber Security Survival Guide day

(May, Birmingham) at a reduced rate.

As a UCISA member, you can attend any of the UCISA events, such as the 2017 Conference in Newport, at the member rate. A full listing of events is at


I can say from personal experience running IT Services in a number of different UK universities since 1974, that UCISA membership is a valuable resource to draw upon. Whether it is the mailing lists, on-line resources or the networking opportunities presented by meetings and conferences, your UCISA membership will help you to understand how much you have in common with your colleagues across the sector, many of whom are facing the same opportunities and challenges in running their services as you and who will be more than willing to share their experiences with you.

John Robinson, Chair
London Metropolitan Network
24th January 2017