At the LMN AGM on 20th March 2019, LMN members agreed to transfer
LMN's activities to the UCISA London Group.

To see the details of the UCISA London Group, with
details of previous activities and forthcoming meetings, follow the link below.

LMN in 2017 and beyond

As reported in the item here, LMN has entered into an agreement with UCISA to create a new LMN-sponsored UCISA London Group. This group will pick up a number of the activities proposed in the LMN Business Plan. LMN will continue to operate as the sponsor of the activity, leading its Steering Group, alongside other elements of its business supervised by its Board.

The first major event for the new UCISA London Group will be the LMN Annual Meeting, scheduled for late-February 2017.

LMN Membership
LMN’s constitution requires us to maintain an up-to-date Register of Members. It is important that we know who is the Member Representative of each LMN Member Organisation. If you have received an e-mail, it is because we think you are the Member Representative. We would like you to confirm this, or to amend the details if you are no longer the Member Representative.

Please now use the Membership Application and Update form to confirm your institution’s Membership details.

NOTE: if you have filled in the form during December 2016, you don’t need to fill it in again unless your details have changed.

LMN Board of Directors
LMN has vacancies for up to six additional Board Members.

To be a Board member, you need to be the Member Representative of an LMN Member organisation and you need to be able to attend Board meetings (in person or via teleconference) at least once each six weeks (sometimes more often). You will also need to be able to commit to join an LMN Working Group (for example, the Steering Group for the new LMN-sponsored UCISA London Group), which may take a further one day per month.

LMN Members are Universities, FE Colleges, and 6th Form Colleges in the London Region. Current Members of the Board are listed on the LMN website here.

A Member Representative can nominate her or himself, or a Member Representative from another LMN member organisation, to the Board. Member Representatives can also propose nominees to LMN Working Groups. (Working Group Members don’t need to be Member Representatives, but do need to be authorised by their institution to participate because of the need to commit time to the activity.)

LMN is fully committed to promoting, maintaining and supporting equality of opportunity in all aspects of its work. Applications are sought from all eligible individuals, irrespective of gender, personal status, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability and age.

If you are clear about these terms and conditions, please fill in the Board Nomination form.

Nominations will be considered by the LMN Annual Meeting and may be subject to a vote if there are more nominations than available places. Nominees who are not elected to the Board can also be considered for Working Group memberships, for example, the Steering Group for the new UCISA London Group.

John Robinson, Chair
10th January 2017