At the LMN AGM on 20th March 2019, LMN members agreed to transfer
LMN's activities to the UCISA London Group.

To see the details of the UCISA London Group, with
details of previous activities and forthcoming meetings, follow the link below.

LMN to sponsor a UCISA London Group

LMN has agreed with UCISA to sponsor a new UCISA London Group, to be launched in January 2017. The Group will take up and extend LMN’s London-based activities, including

  • local opportunities for training, professional development and peer exchange,
  • advice on strategies for the best use of scarce resources – including new or existing shared services – in order to provide exemplary IT services for staff and students,
  • specific communications channels to engage members and understand and help with their concerns and aspirations.

Members of the new Group will enjoy UCISA membership benefits including

  • engagement with Jisc to advocate on members’ behalf with regard to its current activities and future plans including network performance, upgrades and service improvements,
  • access to the UCISA mailing lists (up to five people as UCISA Contacts) and members-only areas of the UCISA website including detailed statistics, the UCISA Directory and its repository of mini surveys,
  • eligibility to be Officers, Group Chairs, Elected members of the Executive or Group members and entitlement to vote in elections and at General Meetings (two votes per institution).

LMN members who are already UCISA members will automatically join the new Group. Membership is open to others (details below).

In Detail

LMN’s principle object is to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the information technology services used by further and higher education institutions in London and the South East of England. The LMN Business Case, was reviewed at the Members’ Workshop, which recommended that LMN approach the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA) with a view to the formation of a UCISA London Group. (UCISA is a nation wide group that represents and provides mutual support for higher education in the provision and development of academic, management and administrative information systems.)

LMN is in the final stages of negotiating the agreement with UCISA to sponsor the formation of the UCISA London Group. The Group – led by a London Community Liaison person – will be the focus for a programme of regular meetings and Community Engagement. All London HEIs are members of UCISA and will automatically join the new London Group. The Group will launch in January 2017.

Few London FE or 6th Form Colleges are UCISA members and LMN is keen to bring as many of these colleges as possible into the new Group. LMN has therefore agreed, as part of the process of setting up the Group, to sponsor FE and 6th Form Colleges who choose to join the Group. The sponsorship will consist, in the first instance, of full payment of the relevant UCISA membership fee for 2017. As members, the FE and 6th Form Colleges will benefit from full access to UCISA resources and mailing lists. The sponsorship is intended to promote the sharing and adoption of best practice across HEIs, FEIs and 6th Form Colleges in London. Other categories of membership are also available (see the UCISA web site for details).

Of particular interest to FE and 6th Form Colleges will be access to the UCISA Information Security Awareness training suite, a repository of approved IT policies and access to research into service improvements (e.g. systems architecture) carried out by larger institutions. The UCISA mailing lists (Directors, Announce and various Group lists) are a valuable source of information and peer support about, for example, the new Data Protection Act due to come in force in 2018.

John Robinson
Chair of London Metropolitan Network Ltd
7th December 2017